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  1. Duane 'Dog' Chapman
  2. Hound Dog Taylor
  3. Mad Dog Coll
  4. Andy Dog Johnson
  5. Mad Dog McPhie

Celebrities with middle name: Dog - the complete list

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Below you will find our complete list of Celebrities with middle name: Dog - there are currently 5 records in this list.
# Celebrity AgeDescription Views Rank
1. Duane 'Dog' Chapman61American, TV Personality 13,725 10,922
2. Hound Dog Taylor60*American Chicago blues guitarist and singer 177 90,398
3. Mad Dog Coll23*American mobster during depression-era 95 110,515
4. Andy Dog JohnsonBritish artist 11 275,935
5. Mad Dog McPhieprofessional wrestler 2 -
* deceased (age at death)