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Top 10: Christian Science celebrities - starting with the letter "C"

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  1. Connie Stevens
  2. Cathy Lee Crosby
  3. Corinne Griffith
  4. Carol Channing

Christian Science celebrities - starting with the letter "C"

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Below you will find our complete list of Christian Science celebrities - there are currently 4 records in this list.
# Celebrity AgeDescription Views Rank
1. Connie Stevens76Actress, film director, screenwriter, singer 92,439 2,189
2. Cathy Lee Crosby69American actor 21,986 7,814
3. Corinne Griffith84*Actress, film producer, author 12,330 11,393
4. Carol Channing93American actress, singer and musical comedy performer 7,836 15,899
* deceased (age at death)