Celebrity Engagements Archive - 1939

Awwww... we like it when famous people find love. See which couple took the next step and "put a ring on it" and got engaged in 1939.
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Celebrity engagements in 1939 - the complete list

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Below you will find our complete list of Celebrity engagements in 1939 - there are currently 7 records in this list.
# Celebrity Couple Date Engaged Views
1. Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier1939 14,895
2. Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine1939 1,310
3. Andrea Leeds and Robert Howard12 September 1939 118
4. Eric Pohlmann and Liselotte GoettingerMay 1939 26
5. Judith Evelyn and Andrew Allan1939 5
6. Elisabeth Mann and Giuseppe Antonio Borgese1939 3
7. Paul Gallico and Pauline Gariboldi1939 1