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Historical look at Lindsay Lohan relationships, listed in date order.
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Lukas Haas
Lindsay Lohan and Lukas Haas unknown date RUMOR
He is on of her 36 lovers on her list. [more]
Orlando Bloom
Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom unknown date RUMOR
He was on her list of 36 ex lovers [more]
Zac Efron
Lindsay Lohan and Zac Efron unknown date RUMOR
In Touch has exclusively obtained a shocking list, penned in Lindsay Lohan’s handwriting, exposing 36 of her famous lovers. Among the dozens of superstars named are Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix. [more]
Adam Levine
Lindsay Lohan and Adam Levine unknown date RUMOR
In Touch has exclusively obtained a shocking list, penned in Lindsay Lohan’s handwriting, exposing 36 of her famous lovers. Among the dozens of superstars named are Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix. [more]
Evan Peters
Lindsay Lohan and Evan Peters unknown date RUMOR
In Touch has exclusively obtained a shocking list, penned in Lindsay Lohan’s handwriting, exposing 36 of her famous lovers. Among the dozens of superstars named are Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix. Also named on the list are Colin Farrell, Evan Peters and Wilmer ... [more]
Garrett Hedlund
Garrett Hedlund and Lindsay Lohan unknown date RUMOR
He was on her list of 36 ex lovers [more]
Scott Storch
Scott Storch and Lindsay Lohan unknown date RUMOR
Guy Berryman
Lindsay Lohan and Guy Berryman unknown date RUMOR
He is one of her 36 lovers on her list. [more]
Josh Mond
Lindsay Lohan and Josh Mond unknown date RUMOR
Ryan Rottman
Lindsay Lohan and Ryan Rottman unknown date RUMOR
He is one of her 36 lovers on her list [more]
Nico Tortorella
Nico Tortorella and Lindsay Lohan unknown date RUMOR
Tortorella is one of the 36 of Lindsay's lovers written on her list. [more]
Aaron Voros
Lindsay Lohan and Aaron Voros unknown date RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan had an affair with Aaron Voros according to Lindsay's Sex List [more]
Ashton Kutcher
Lindsay Lohan and Ashton Kutcher unknown date RUMOR
He was on her list of 36 ex lovers [more]
Joe Francis
Joe Francis and Lindsay Lohan unknown date
Justin Timberlake
Lindsay Lohan and Justin Timberlake unknown date RUMOR
In Touch has exclusively obtained a shocking list, penned in Lindsay Lohan’s handwriting, exposing 36 of her famous lovers. Among the dozens of superstars named are Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix. [more]
Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter and Lindsay Lohan January 2002 - April 2003
Lohan dates singer Aaron Carter since Jan 2002, prompting reports of tension between her and fellow teen queen Hilary Duff, Carter's on-and-off again girlfriend who dated him prior to Lohan. End the relationship on April 2003. Both actresses deny any beef, with Duff telling PEOPLE in 2005: "I ... [more]
Damien Fahey
Damien Fahey and Lindsay Lohan April 2003 - April 2004
Wilmer Valderrama
Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama May 2004
The couple were first spotted together in May but only took their romance public around Lohan's 18th birthday in July. "She is my girl," says Valderrama. "I love her very much. She is a fantastic person and I'm extremely proud of her." The chain-smoking, club-loving pair, who ... [more]
Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell and Lindsay Lohan November 2004 RUMOR
Marc Malkin of ‘The Insider’ reports that Colin Farrell and Lindsay Lohan shared a room at the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood after steaming up New York City last weekend. Meanwhile, Lohan missed running into her teen queen nemesis Hilary Duff by a night at Serendipity cafe in New ... [more]
Bruce Willis
Lindsay Lohan and Bruce Willis January 2005 RUMOR
Bruce Willis`s 50th birthday is next week and his hairline is not so much receding as extinct. But he`s still a teenager at heart. His latest squeeze is said to be 18-year-old actress and singer Lindsay Lohan, star of hit films including Freaky Friday and, when she was 11, The Parent Trap. Willis is ... [more]
James Franco
Lindsay Lohan and James Franco March 2005 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan`s unrequited infatuation with "Spider-Man" star James Franco may have been what finally sent her over the edge and into rehab, sources told the New York Daily News. The handsome star rebuffed Lohan at Prince's Golden Globes after-party at the Beverly Wilshire hotel Monday night ... [more]
Talan Torriero
Lindsay Lohan and Talan Torriero April 2005 RUMOR
Harry Judd
Harry Judd and Lindsay Lohan April 2005
McFly drummer Harry Judd has finally broken his silence over his fling with Lindsay Lohan. Harry had kept quiet about it - even when his bandmates wrote a less-than-flattering song about her - but now he’s admitted that he did “spend the night with her.” The pair met when McFly cameoed ... [more]
Diego Garcia
Lindsay Lohan and Diego Garcia June 2005 - May 2007 RUMOR
Teen superstar LINDSAY LOHAN has reportedly found a new rocker boyfriend, ELEFANT lead singer DIEGO GARCIA. The MEAN GIRLS star has been secretly dating the Argentine star - following her high profile romances with AARON CARTER and WILMER VALDERRAMA, writes website PAGESIX.COM. But Lohan will have ... [more]
Jared Leto
Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan November 2005 RUMOR
Lohan and Jared Leto, her costar in the movie Chapter 27, are spotted together at various Hollywood hot spots. These two are photographed several times looking very coozy while shooting the movie "Chapter 27" together. But Lohan denies any relationship, telling PEOPLE, "I focus on my career ... [more]
Sean Lennon
Lindsay Lohan and Sean Lennon January 2006 RUMOR
JOHN Lennon's son Sean has been dating actress Lindsay Lohan. He had a night out with the teen beauty, who is to star in Chapter 27, a film about his dad's murder. They enjoyed a romantic meal at smart restaurant Bette in New York, it was reported yesterday. Sean, 30, and Lindsay, 19, then met ... [more]
Ryan Adams
Lindsay Lohan and Ryan Adams February 2006 RUMOR
Actress Lindsay Lohan is reportedly dating rocker Ryan Adams—and the pair have become inseparable. Lohan is thrilled to have bagged a hitmaking hunk, as she finds musicians "sexy," but pals insist it`s love. A friend says, "She`s spending all her free time with him and stayed at his ... [more]
Shaun White
Shaun White and Lindsay Lohan February 2006 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan Dating Shaun White? February 24, 2006 by Peter Rooley Teen actress Lindsay Lohan is dating another man. This time the beauty is reported to embark on a romance with Olympic gold medalist Shaun White. The couple reportedly shared an intimate night together at New York club Bungalow ... [more]
Benicio Del Toro
Benicio Del Toro and Lindsay Lohan February 2006 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan has been spotted looking cozy with actor Benicio Del Toro - sparking rumours the pair are dating. The teen star reportedly "hooked up with" the 38-year-old actor at a star-studded bash last Sunday. Del Toro was celebrating on/off love Sara Foster's birthday, but "he dumped ... [more]
Jamie Dornan
Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Dornan February 2006 RUMOR
MAY 2006 - Rumored to be briefly dating Lindsay Lohan. ------- 2014 Dornan is one of Lindsay's 36 lovers written on her list [more]
Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix and Lindsay Lohan March 2006 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan And Joaquin Phoenix Steamy Romance Talk about a wacky, unexpected couple! Sources in Hollywood claim that serious Oscar hopeful Joaquin Phoenix, 31, and wild child Lindsay Lohan, 19, are having a secret, on-the-sly romance! Both stars are renting bungalows at L.A.`s luxe Chateau Marmont ... [more]
Brody Jenner
Brody Jenner and Lindsay Lohan April 2006
One night stand in April 2006 (New York) The two were introduced by Lohan’s hairstylist (whom Jenner knew from L.A.) while out at New York’s Bungalow 8. Jenner and Lohan both denied sleeping together, but Jenner relished the speculation, telling People, “I had a great time in New York ... [more]
Brett Ratner
Lindsay Lohan and Brett Ratner April 2006
Yes, Lindsay Lohan and Brett Ratner. It seems that the twosome has been hanging out quite a bit at the Chateau Marmont hotel. What could the two possibly be doing together? Is he just being of kind heart and giving Ms. Lohan career advice? You don`t think she could be sleeping with the dude, because ... [more]
Stavros Niarchos
Stavros Niarchos III and Lindsay Lohan May 2006 RUMOR
Lohan is photographed kissing Niarchos, the ex-boyfriend of heiress Paris Hilton. A reported feud between the Lohan and Hilton reportedly begins following the fling. [more]
Jamie Burke
Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Burke May 2006
He is on of her 36 lovers on her list. [more]
Brandon Davis
Lindsay Lohan and Brandon Davis June 2006
Harry Morton
Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton July 2006
Lohan begins dating Harry Morton on July 2006, owner of the restaurant chain Pink Taco and son of former Hard Rock Cafe chain owner Peter Morton. The two are inseparable, party-hopping and lounging at his Malibu pad, but after three months of dating, they take a break. A friend of Morton's tells ... [more]
Robbie Williams
Lindsay Lohan and Robbie Williams November 2006 - March 2007
On November 2006 Lindsay Lohan snubbed the British pop star. Robbie Williams was at the Hyde nightclub in Los Angeles when he spotted the young superstar and decided to flirt with Lindsay Lohan. According to reports, Williams stepped behind Lohan and whispered a pick-up line into her ear. Rather than ... [more]
James Blunt
Lindsay Lohan and James Blunt March 2007 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan and singer James Blunt are rumored to be an item after the two were spotted together in L.A. last week on three separate occasions: ...At Teddy`s Wednesday night, then Lohan`s place very late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, and finally the singer`s hotel room around 3 a.m ... [more]
Jude Law
Lindsay Lohan and Jude Law March 2007 RUMOR
On March 13th 2007 it was published that Lindsay Lohan and Jude Law might be dating. Lindsay Lohan and Jude Law were spotted together at The Box on both Friday and Saturday night, sparking rumors they might be dating. A source says: “She called Jude at 1 in the morning,” said our spy, &# ... [more]
Calum Best
Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best May 2007
The night before the premiere of her latest film, Georgia Rule, starring Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Huffman and screen legend Jane Fonda, Lohan, 20, steps out with new beau, British TV personality Calum Best, 26. That weekend, the new couple cozies up in the Bahamas and catch a Janet Jackson c ... [more]
Riley Giles
Lindsay Lohan and Riley Giles September 2007
Extreme sports professional Riley, 24, met 21-year-old Lindsay while they were both having treatment for hard drug addiction at the Cirque Lodge centre in Utah. The film star slipped the ski-slope hunk a secret note asking for his mobile phone number. Riley couldn`t resist and Lindsay was calling him ... [more]
Courtenay Semel
Courtenay Semel and Lindsay Lohan December 2007 - 2008
Socialite Courtenay Semal is spilling the beans on her same sex romance with actress Lindsay Lohan. Courtenay, who is now dating former MTV reality star Tila Tequila, has been telling friends that she and LiLo “hooked up” during the three months they lived together during the Winter of 2007 ... [more]
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger and Lindsay Lohan 2008 RUMOR
At the time of his untimely death in January 2008, actor Heath Ledger was romantically involved -- in secret -- with Lindsay Lohan. So says her mother, Dina, in an undated, recorded phone conversation with Michael Lohan, her ex-husband and Lindsay's father. In a newly revealed recording at Radar ... [more]
Evan Ross
Lindsay Lohan and Evan Ross January 2008 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan has found new love with Diana Ross’ teenage son Evan. Yall know the kid that played T.I.’s little brother in ATL. Lindsay, 20, is two years older than Evan whose father is the late shipping magnate Arne Naess. A source told the National Enquirer: “Lindsay absolutely adores ... [more]
Alessandro Di Nunzio
Lindsay Lohan and Alessandro Di nunzio January 2008 RUMOR
Alessandro Di Nunzio has gone all Riley Giles on us. And thank goodness for that. The first of Lindsay Lohan's numerous conquests during a sl*tty passionate week in Italy during the Capri Film Festival, Di Nunzio opened up to News of the World about his meeting Ms. Firecrotch, her seduction of him ... [more]
Dario Faiella
Lindsay Lohan and Dario Faiella January 2008 RUMOR
Lohan definitely had a good time in Italy! First she had a date with hottie bartender Alessandro Di Nunzio. Then went out with Edoardo Costa. Then was seen making out with a guy named Dario Faiella, an actor and son of Peppino Di Capri. It may have started with just a kiss, but it sure didn’t end ... [more]
Eduardo Costa
Lindsay Lohan and Eduardo Costa January 2008 RUMOR
Eduardo Costa and Lindsay Lohan chat it up in Italy. This guy is one of the three Italian fellas who hooked up with Lilo in a single day. Better get tested, guys. [more]
Jeremy Greene
Lindsay Lohan and Jeremy Greene January 2008 RUMOR
On January 30th 2008 it was published that Jeremy Greene is Lindsay Lohan’s New Boyfriend. Lindsay was seen out in New York City last night with the 25-year-old Jeremy Greene. He is supposedly a songwriter and R&B artist. “Before they walked into the Four Seasons Hotel together, where Lindsay ... [more]
Samantha Ronson
Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson April 2008 - March 2009
Lohan is spotted around town with DJ BFF Samantha Ronson on April 2008. Photographed holding hands (and even kissing), a source tells PEOPLE the longtime friends are actually ''together''. In March 2009, they call it quits, with Lohan reportedly writing messages on her Twitter page ... [more]
Petey Wright
Lindsay Lohan and Peter Wright October 2009 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan tried the lesbian thing for few months and now she is back with men again. The actress was seen getting down dirty with model Petey Wright last night at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. A source told The Sun: “Lindsay was all over Petey during the sexy photo shoot, and it continued ... [more]
Gerard Butler
Lindsay Lohan and Gerard Butler October 2009 RUMOR
Gerard Butler has romanced many of Hollywood's leading ladies - and that makes his latest rumored escapade far below his usual standards. The hunky actor reportedly got cozy with none other than Lindsay Lohan on Sunday October 31st night at Sol Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort launch in El Jadida, ... [more]
Jason Segel
Lindsay Lohan and Jason Segel December 2009
Following a late night of partying, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving actor Jason Segel’s house on Saturday (December 5) after staying the night with him in West Hollywood. Scurrying out with a gal pal, the "Mean Girls" starlet hopped into her car before Jason was seen making his exit ... [more]
Adam Senn
Adam Senn and Lindsay Lohan December 2009 - March 2010 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan hooks up with model Adam Senn...again on March 2010 Lindsay Lohan reportedly rowed with a fellow clubber over a man. The 23-year-old actress was furious when model Adam Senn - who she was first romantically linked to in December 2009 - spent too long talking to the mystery woman at Los ... [more]
Lady Victoria Hervey
Lindsay Lohan and Lady Victoria Hervey 2010 RUMOR
If Lindsay Lohan's looking to class up her act, Lady Victoria Hervey ain't the answer What the shizzle mcdrizzle was Lady Victoria Hervey doing coming out of Lindsay Lohan's house this morning? Are they friends? If so, why? We appreciate that you lot don't have answers, so let's ... [more]
Ryan Phillippe
Ryan Phillippe and Lindsay Lohan February 2010 RUMOR
Is Lindsay Lohan eyeing the newly available Ryan Philippe? Ryan created quite the stir in February by just giving 18-year-old actress, Nikki Reed a ride home, but now a report claims that La Lohan may be setting her eyes on a new project, finding a new man. The 'Mean Girls' star has been seen ... [more]
Eilat Anschel
Lindsay Lohan and Eilat Anschel April 2010 RUMOR
Lindsay's new girl - Israeli fighter On April 7th 2010 was published that Lindsay Lohan has a new lady in her life who is battlefield ready -- she's a former member of the Israeli Defense Force. Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, Lindsay and Eilat Anschel -- who completed her mandatory stint ... [more]
Landon Brown
Lindsay Lohan and Landon Brown June 2010 RUMOR
Landon Brown Claims He Shared A Moment With Lindsay We`re not sure how or why Lindsay Lohan would ever come near this fool, but Landon Brown is now going around telling everyone he had sex with her. Landon, BTW, is Bobby Brown`s son, and a total mess. He says, "Me and Lindsay got really, really ... [more]
Danny Cipriani
Danny Cipriani and Lindsay Lohan June 2010 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan hooking up with Danny Cipriani Lindsay Lohan couldn't be dating more people if she was the star of The Bachelorette. The troubled actress has today been linked to English rugby player Danny Cipriani following his split from Playboy model Kelly Brook. Yesterday Lindsay was reportedly ... [more]
50 Cent
Lindsay Lohan and 50 Cent December 2010 - January 2011 RUMOR
Vikram Chatwal
Vikram Chatwal and Lindsay Lohan April 2011 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan recently seen getting cosy with Vikram Chatwal.The 39 year old Multimillioniare hotelier was seen with Lindsay Lohan for some days together.In the month of April also both were seen together in a fashion party in New York. Their affair been famous for many months and its been in news that ... [more]
Brett Tucker
Brett Tucker and Lindsay Lohan July 2011 RUMOR
The former Neighbours star was spotted with the troubled star in Malibu. Lindsay Lohan Spotted With Aussie Brett Tucker on july 26th 2011 Lindsay Lohan leaves Paris Hilton's party in the arms of Australian actor, Brett Tucker. She has been spotted in the company of at least two men in the last ... [more]
Oscar Lusth
Oscar Lusth and Lindsay Lohan July 2011
Philipp Plein
Lindsay Lohan and Philipp Plein September 2011
Mere days after Lindsay Lohan was signed on as the face of Philipp Plein's Spring 2012 ad campaign, rumors sparked that the collaboration between the two may be more than professional! No stranger to PDA, Lindsay was spotted hand-in-hand with Plein in Milan, fueling rumors of a possible romantic ... [more]
Terry Richardson
Lindsay Lohan and Terry Richardson 2012 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan is eager for a relationship with Terry Richardson following 'steamy night of passion' together She may only be 25, but it seems that Lindsay Lohan has a thing for older men. The U.S. actress has reportedly got a soft spot for controversial photographer Terry Richardson. Lohan ... [more]
Henry Hopper
Lindsay Lohan and Henry Hopper February 2012 RUMOR
We can't decide what's crazier: Lindsay Lohan's floral navy jeans, or the fact that the actress has been linked to 21-year-old Henry Hopper, fellow actor and son of the late, great Dennis Hopper. Lohan, 25, and Hopper were spotted playing hooky Tuesday afternoon at a Venice Beach liquor store ... [more]
Voodoo and Lindsay Lohan March 2012
Porn Star Voodoo Claims to Have Had Sex with Lindsay Lohan. Porn star Alex “Voodoo” Torres of sky-diving intercourse fame claimed on The Jim Richards radio show Friday that he had bedded actress Lindsay Lohan, even going as far as to insinuate that she had paid him for his services. I&# ... [more]
Gavin Doyle
Gavin Doyle and Lindsay Lohan June 2012 RUMOR
9:23 am, June 1st, 2012 “Lindsay Lohan is ready for love again ... with photographer Gavin Doyle,” begins a piece by X17Online. According to the site, Doyle accompanied Lohan to a photo shoot on Wednesday, and then the actress “retreated to her favorite hotel for some down time with ... [more]
Max George
Lindsay Lohan and Max George December 2012
The Liz and Dick actress, 26, appears to have swiped a sweatshirt from her latest hookup Max George. On Saturday Dec. 8, Lohan tweeted directly at the hunky singer, 24 with a photo of a black hoodie (featuring several ubiquitous online acronyms like WTF, LMAO, IRL and others): "Missing something?" ... [more]
Avi Snow
Avi Snow and Lindsay Lohan March 2013 RUMOR
Lindsay Lohan is trying to get her life back on track these days. Hopefully helping her do just that? Avi Snow, a New York City based musician and club promoter. A source exclusively tells E! News that the 26-year-old actress is dating Snow, who plays guitar for indie band, City of the Sun ... [more]
Matt Nordgren
Matt Nordgren and Lindsay Lohan September 2013

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