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solo 943,447
L490 1,156,481
Drum Solo S 1,416,589
Testing -
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The Kill (drums) 1,416,586
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Highway (2002)
Kid #2

Sol Goode (2001)
Sol Fan

Prefontaine (1997)
Bar Patron

My So-Called Life (1994) (TV Show)


Live from the Red Carpet: The 2014 Grammy Awards

On the Wall: Thirty Seconds to Mars

City of Angels

30 Seconds to Mars: Up in the Air


Rock in Rio 2011

SesioneS con Alejandro Franco

30 Seconds to Mars: The Making of 'The Ride' (TV Movie)

Boombox All Access with 30 Seconds to Mars


Premiya Muz-TV 2008 (TV Movie)

Down & Dirty

30 Seconds to Mars Makes a Video: From Yesterday (TV Show)

House Band (TV Show)

Video on Trial (2005) (TV Show)

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003) (TV Show)

TRL Italy (TV Show)

Entertainment Tonight (1981) (TV Show)

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Posted by nope
secs ago
different houses and different trees.

jared ba.nned kc and shannon from talking

Posted by window
mins ago
dont think its the same view. trees are ALL different. if not, than its an OLD picture, because she's searching of attention. like you see, she's following a jared fan on IG. its all for attnetion. she loves when we still talking about her

Posted by no proof
mins ago
i dont know what you see but its not the same view of the window

Posted by Makes sense
mins ago
Makes sense that they're still friends. I don't think they're still "dating" but I'm sure they're still talking. They probably broke up because he was going to be gone for a month and that's no way to have a healthy relationship. I was already skeptical about their brake up, now I'm going to prepare myself too, because I don't wanna be surprised when I see them together. BUT at least we know she isn't living with Shannon, like some people here had thought. She's living with her Dolce friend, who btw, I think is a les bian!! She's just too obse ssed with over KC!!

Posted by To still friends
mins ago
Now I see it. And now my heart is broken. I was happy when that instagram pic seemed like she was dissing our poor Shannon but now I think it was all a joke. This makes me really sad. I knew there was a reason Shanny was so's because they're still talking. This ruined my night. I'm gonna be officially done with Shannon if we see new pics of the 2 of them together again. I want Shannon to be happy...but not with this homewrecker!!

Posted by Still friends with Shannon
mins ago
I know it su cks that they're still friends! But it's really not a surprise, at least not to me. What really surprised me was that they out of nowhere supposedly broke up and no longer talk. That didn't sound realistic to me. As much as it pains me to say this, I don't believe we've seen the last of Shannon and this h o e. So even if no one else wants to believe it, and I know they don't, I'm at least preparing myself to see this chick around Shannon again. She'll most likely be at the Halloween show on the 30th! This bit ch doesn't seem like the type of girl who's just going to leave Shannon alone. She LOVES the attention too much!

Posted by To Still Friends
hr ago
FU CK! Yep I see the connection. This makes me sad now. We'll I guess it not such a surprise that they still talking. The brake up seemed too out of nowhere. And her IG pic did say that guys Shan's height are just her friends, so they are friends.

Posted by Still friends with Shannon
hr ago
Here's proof that KC still talking to Shannon, that pic she posted on Twitter of that big window IS Shannon's window. Here is the pic Abbey posted from Shannon's pool in his backyard. That big window behind Abbey is the one KC took the pic of. Now look to the right of Abbey' photos, those are the same trees in KC's photo. Told you guys!! Now instead of KC calling Shannon her "bae" she's calling him her "mate".

Here's Abbey's pic
i59. tinypic. com/ab32id. jag

Here's KC's pic
i57. tinypic. com/4t5bhx. jpg

Posted by I just
hrs ago
think they need to take a break from touring, even if Jared thinks touring will keep Shannon busy. There is so much to do in the US and things to do close to LA to keep them busy and close to home. If Jared, Shannon and Tomo still want to make music then they shouldnt continue touring they should go back to the lab and begin working on a new album so they can start a new and better tour if they wanted.

Posted by they would
hrs ago
be treated like rock stars here in the US if they actually toured more here and if they interacted with the fans like they do in other countries. They know the fans get overly excited in other countries to see them so they spend more time over there.

Posted by to it is sad
day ago
they seem to love the attention they are getting in south america. in north america on the carnivores tour, they were treated like c- listers. in south america, they are rock stars.

emma hasn't been on any tour since the summer european one. she sat out carnivores and worked on other things instead. it seems like shayla has been working as a personal assistant.

emma is working on jared's companies and focusing on her personal life, as she should.

chloe is just a fwb and occasional stylist. if she was invited, she would have come.

Posted by It is sad
day ago
It´s always hard for the famous to know when people´s interest is for the real you or who you are/your money. And true not many girls could just leave everything to tour with Shannon. South America has been absolute mayhem. No wonder even Chloe didn´t come there. Haven´t seen Emma either.

Posted by laugh out loud
day ago
The lack of intelligence of these women is astonishing. Did Kirstina really think she was going to get married or have a stable relationship with someone who was fresh out of rehab and breaking rehab rules? Ridiculous.

Posted by Selena4Shannon
day ago
No one cares how old you are.
I am not Mexican.
I do not sing.
Try again.

Posted by Blah blah
day ago
Go make fun of people here who are older than 21. I am 24, so what?? Stinky Mexican! Shannon will NEVER make you and your crappy music famous, Selena !!!

Posted by Selena4Shannon
day ago
Shannon is this, Shannon is that.
Shannon will never this, Shannon will never that.
Shannon should this, Shannon should that.
Everyone just stop. God.

Posted by Plain and simple
day ago
Shannon gets bored with people especially girls very easily and that's why he's never going to settle down!! I see Shannon as being a loner at home most of the time when the guys aren't on tour, since it seems all his guy friends are in relationships. Although I'm not sure if his friend Paul is, but nevertheless he's busy with his career. Shannon has a short temper so there's no way that guy could ever get married or even be in a long term relationship. And that is why he's dating these 20 something wannabe models, because they help him get his rocks off for a few months until he gets bored with them, and moves on! And of course he looks like "the man" in other guy's eyes because he's "dating" these se xy/hot women! Shannon is all about image, so unless he finds a normal girl with a normal job who looks like a model, he won't be seen with her.

Posted by To Maybe
day ago
Yeah I think he's afraid to fall in love because since he's on tour for months on end he knows the relationship won't last. Really sad, but he seems to be ok with the traveling since they just added those Russian dates. I think he just doesn't want to hurt the heart of a good girl who actually loves him for him and not for his name, like all the past girls he's been with. Sadly I don't see him ever being able to settle down. I mean even if he was a dating a good girl right now, there's no way he would have been able to bring her along for the SA tour because those fans are CRAZY!! The way they are stal king the guy's every move. Dude, Jared even had to tell the fans to calm down and not follow him back to his hotel or else he would have to take a car. That's just insa nity!! If they att ack the guys like that, they surely would att ack their gfs.

Posted by to Maybe
day ago
Yeah, I remember someone saying that Jared and Shannon's reactions to growing up poor are so different.

Jared became the poor, trailer park kid who made it and decided he would f u c k nothing but beautiful girls. skinny, beautiful, rich, Blonde blue eyed being the prize. He of course has an ego to match that so it makes sense. He will never be with an average girl.

Whereas Shannon is very much still insecure about his past, and adding d.rug addiction to that. He will go for the girls who need him either for money or for fame. He will neevr be with a girl who looks like Audrina Patridge but is smart, has a decent job, is honest and just the girl next door type of girl. Because he thinks he is not worthy of those kind of girls. And that makes me very sad.

Posted by Laughing
day ago
She was stalking Jared on twitter??? LOL! Typical THOTina!

Posted by Maybe
day ago
Maybe Shannon thinks himself being white trash, hence the trashy girls. Or he thinks decent girls are boring in bed (which they´re not ;) ) or he needs to feel somewhat superior... OR he´s afraid of falling and getting hurt so he picks girls he won´t fall for.. pick your choice

Posted by to So lame
day ago
I told you guys way before that her old favourites are Jared's tweets and photos about Jared. Over and over again. It is actually embarrassing.

The same with Kelly Roberts. She had numerous tweets about JARED that she later deleted.

What is sad is that there are actually a lot of girls who prefer Shannon over Jared. Shannon just doesn't want these girls. He wants the w h o r i s h type.

Posted by So lame
day ago
KC is following a 30STM fan on IG, and the only photos on there are of Jared!! What does that tell you?!! She wanted Jared...NOT Shannon. She's clearly missing the attention that came by dating a Leto, that's why she's now following the Echelon on IG.

Posted by lol
day ago
I love his nose! It gives his face character.
I can't deny he does something to his face but honestly he shouldn't. I love him just the way he is and getting old is not a bad thing. He is 44 for Christs sake!

Posted by Plastic Surgery
day ago
You'd think with all the plastic surgery that Shannon has on his burger fat looking face, that he'd want to fix that ug ly hideous carrot on his face that he calls his nose.

Posted by how IP
day ago
how you can check here the IP adresses? are they also the girls who spreading they don't break up?

Posted by Shannon loves blondes
day ago
Haha, would love to know what Shannon is thinking in this picture. He's starring down this blonde chick!!

instagram. com/p/uZUkKTL9EL/

Posted by To skinny man
day ago
I think he looks fantastic considering the ab.use he has given his b o d y over the past year, well most of his life probably. It amazes me how he can look so well after poiso.ning himself so badly. I think he is really and has facial treatments and sur.gery pro.cedures all the time. Ordinary people would look wre.cked by now.
I think he is really concentrating on his job right now which is a good thing, however he is up and down and up and down all the time. Like a yo.yo. It's a A fascinating one!

Posted by Skinny man
day ago
Shannon's starting to look skinny again, really hope he isn't going down that dark road again!! I think he's staying busy by being around fans so that he doesn't get himself into trouble, like looking for drugs. That's why he has those bodyguards with him all the time (Jared doesn't always have them with him) and most likely why he was the one doing that backstage your, instead of Jared. Hope he's keeping a good head on his shoulders!

Posted by kathynoir and maddie
day ago
blacklove and kathynoir on twitter are the girls responsible for spreading the rumors on wdw. i checked their ip addresses and it matched. be careful.

Posted by curch of mars
day ago
well is there any news about church of mars in europe? or we have only a tour in russia?

Posted by I know
days ago
KC was simply harmful for the business, they cannot afford her yoko onoying and tweeting stu pidly to fans! Shannon has done enough harm with his problems already

Posted by to try harder
days ago
why dont you try harder you c.unt. you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. shannon dumped kirstina and she's bitter about it and doing every who.rish thing possible to tell her fans (maddie and kathynoir that she is okay)

we wont see kirstina ever again and that's because jared intervened after the vegas show. if she wasn't supplying shannon with dr.ugs and al.cohol she may have had a chance but jared stepped in

plus he's having fun with other girls in brazil

Posted by Right
days ago
It´s Hollywood. Nowhere else people acting like she does is considered normal or respectable.

Posted by Shay
days ago
Kirstina is such a hoe it's so funny. Like how can any woman be so wh orey?

Posted by Try Harder
days ago
Of course Shannon and Kirstina are not done. Shannon always f u c k s these girls when ever he wants. Just like Jasmine something or Kelly and Alena.... Just like he is not yet done with Jasmine or the other semi-famous 'models' he has been seen with lately - He is not done with her. When he is back in LA he will call her (or any other one of them) and she will come over and be his palything for the month. This is what always happens! It is not something new and I don't know why you are all making it seem like it is new.

Of course she is trying to make it seem like she is getting d i c k from Hans, but she really isn't. Maybe she thinks making him jealous will work. It won't. Shannon is the biggest sweetheart to his fans when he wants to but the biggest jerk to the girls he fu cks because these girls are usually wh orish, desperate, lack self esteem and already used up and have nothing left to offer other than their bodies.

Posted by B s
days ago
Haha like he would answer some girls´ call in the middle of the show! That was probably the mix board people bc he also spoke to the mike he has.

Posted by Yahoo.
days ago
lol. The Kirstina trolls are here.
Of course she is playing with peoples minds... Yes. Insult your boyfriend and then call other men aphrodisiacs just to mess with h a t e r s on the internet. Of course. LMAO
Lets just agree with her/ him until he/she leaves.

Posted by to KC and Shannon
days ago
Kirstina has no need to play with ha ters' minds. We all know what is going on because we have watched Shannon do this since 2003 (in my case). I don't know why people are so worried about her. She is just another THOT.

You should be worried or jea lous when the day comes that Shannon dat es a girl who is not famous, or not trying to be fam ous who has a career that does not need her to be seen with him. Then you can get worried. Otherwise, chill... She is already old news... Just a piece of a s s when ever he is in LA.

Posted by KC and Shannon
days ago
Shannon and KC are NOT done, they're just on a break while Shannon is on tour. Just because he's all smiles now doesn't mean he dumped KC. He was all smiles when he was on the last part of the Carnivores tour as well and yet he was STILL dating KC at that time! That picture of Shannon listening to someone talk on his p.hone while he was playing his drums was most likely KC! Just open your eyes to it and you won't be as disappointed about it when you see they are back together. No I AM NOT a fan of KC's infact I despise that bit ch, but I can't help but have this huge gut feeling they will be back together. The supposed brake up just came out of nowhere especially when just a few days before she was talking about cuddling with Shannon, and then all of a sudden they're no longer together? Doesn't make sense to me. KC is just playing with all the hat ers minds. That's what I think and believe.

Posted by Shannon
days ago
Girls in Brazil are literally ra ping Shannon! Like who was that girl who gra bbed his a s s??? WTF People?

Posted by Ugh
days ago
This girl is so nasty. Oh God. Eeew.

Posted by by To oh my haha
days ago
LOL Dolce i guess. Her friend, or maybe even Hans LOL

Posted by oh my haha
days ago
Fell asleep in frog pose.... who has someone take a posed picture like that??

Posted by by Oh
days ago
The girl really looks like KC but this is not she LOL KC home now and moan abt ''hot guy Hans with swedish accent'' LOL
Tweet KC : I know a hot Swedish man that makes the language an aphrodisiac. Oh Hans..... Lol

Posted by To Shannon
days ago
Lol damn! That girl is cute too!! He probably wanted to invite her to his hotel. Who knows, maybe he did. He's not even trying to hide the fact that he's wanting her lol

Posted by Omg
days ago
Some of these fans are so stu pid! There's a photo on IG of Shannon waking and there's a girl right in front of him that looks like KC, so of course now people think it's her even though other people are telling this stu pid fan that KC isn't with him in Brasil. So du mb! And that same fan doesn't believe him and KC are no longer dating. Why are people like this??!!

Posted by shannon
days ago
shannon is having fun in south america. he's dripping in b.itches

ht tp :/ / ww w. lip sti c kal wt hr ead. php?t= 676 68 8 & pa ge= 110

look at the hand placement

Posted by Carl Christopher
days ago
how did his name change back to Christopher on this site?!?!

Posted by to let's wait
days ago
Shannon only did it because Tomo hurt his back, and Tomo tweeted about it. Doesn't mean he did/didn't change.

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Shannon Leto (lɛt; born March 9, 1970) is an American musician, songwriter, record producer, and photographer. Leto is the drummer for Thirty Seconds to Mars, a band he formed in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, with his younger brother Jared Leto. Their debut album, 30 Seconds to Mars (2002), was released to positive reviews but only to limited success. The band achieved worldwide fame with the release of their second album A Beautiful Lie (2005). Their following releases, This Is War (2009) and Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams (2013), received further critical and commercial success. As of May 2013, the band has sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

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