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List of top 10 songs by Shannon Leto. Full list of songs by Shannon Leto including albums. Shannon Leto Discography. Complete list of Shannon Leto songs. Music by Shannon Leto, including lyrics and music videos.
Song TitleYear Released *Song Rank
solo 943,447
L490 1,156,481
Singing Alibi -
Drum Solo 1,092,404
oww yeahhh! 1,312,672
Interview -
Секси голос! -
The Kill (drums) 1,416,586
Testing -
Hey Kiev, Ukraine! 1,416,590
* Approximate (assumes song was released same year as the album it was first released on)

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Selected list of Shannon Leto film and TV show credits.

Acting Credits

Highway (2002)
Kid #2

Sol Goode (2001)
Sol Fan

Prefontaine (1997)
Bar Patron

My So-Called Life (1994) (TV Show)


Live from the Red Carpet: The 2014 Grammy Awards

On the Wall: Thirty Seconds to Mars

Into the Wild (TV Show)

City of Angels

30 Seconds to Mars: Up in the Air


Rock in Rio 2011

SesioneS con Alejandro Franco

30 Seconds to Mars: The Making of 'The Ride' (TV Movie)

Boombox All Access with 30 Seconds to Mars


Premiya Muz-TV 2008 (TV Movie)

Down & Dirty

30 Seconds to Mars Makes a Video: From Yesterday (TV Show)

House Band (TV Show)

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003) (TV Show)

TRL Italy (TV Show)

Entertainment Tonight (1981) (TV Show)

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Posted by North78
secs ago
To LoveLola:
Wow that´s a drastic move! Let´s make sure it doesn´t happen here!
Let´s behave, all of us, ok?

Posted by stop it please
mins ago
I am in bed but curiosity got the better of me i thought the fake me (the first shocked) would be entertaining for when I talk to him.
nope. Just annoying instead and taking away from everything true I said. That person is foreign and makes no sense if you believe we're the same person then I don't know what to say lmao
work is not going to be fun I can say that

Posted by Good
mins ago
I hope this page is next! It's such BS on here now. And way too many trolls. I guess the Hive did their job finally.

Posted by LoveLola
mins ago
Jared's comment page is closed!

"Comments can no longer be added to this page due to user abuse."

So be aware....

Posted by Oh cool
mins ago
So your friend needs you now? So you are with him right now and yet you are on a gossip site that bashes him and his chick on a daily basis. Lol you just proved you've been lying this WHOLE time. Good bye, go to sleep and never come back here.

Posted by oh my
mins ago
Someone reads too much of fanfiction here, so much that she became an imaginary friend of Shannon now lol

how old are you? 12??

Posted by To real shocked
mins ago

Posted by To we page BF
mins ago
What does that mean? Well Dai gave a little hint earlier today saying "the walls were shaking with the sound of drumming". I think he'll be there. If its an online launch, Shannon doesn't need to be there for that. I doubt Shannon runs the website.

Posted by the real shocked
mins ago
Yes he will come to Russia and make the fans so very happy soon. You will see I am right

Posted by the real shocked
mins ago
I am from America I only speak this way because I am so very tired as I have told you many times. Now my friend needs me and I must leave you here

Posted by Huh
mins ago
I find it funny that they claim they know about this site because Shannon told them about when his ex came here and talked. Um well how would Shannon even know his ex came here?

Posted by webpage BF
mins ago
just noticed his webpage changed from winter to march. i have a bad feeling he will be not on tour

Posted by Huh
mins ago
I dont believe any of thks crap, I just kike how this person thinks they are answering questions but yet isn't really saying at all except that they're defending their "friend" but in reality she is just making things worse. This person doesn't even talk right which makes me wonder if they are even American.

Posted by Omg
mins ago
How can any of you believe this c.r.a.p.? Haha some of you are even asking questions as if this isnt just a random poster (s) with this site. You all are feeding a huge troll.

Posted by the real shocked
mins ago
Yes I will be with him tomorrow. I do not work for him I am just there fir him as a friend as he had always been there fir me. We are friends now can you see. I am so tired I must rest now xoxo

Posted by Huh
mins ago
What the hell does this mean?? Who is his ex and who is the "friend of a friend" you are defending??

"I came to defend my friend and the friend of my friend. It is not right what the ex is doing as you all can see with your own eyes".

Posted by To the first shocked
mins ago
No you didn't help with anything lol. Nothing you have said makes any sense.

Posted by Lol
mins ago
I'm so confused. Who the real Shocked. Lol. So now this person js saying that they are working with Shannon tomorrow??
"I must rest. My friend shannon has many plans in the morning."

Posted by Lol
mins ago
Welcome to the l.o.o.n.y bin. Omg thr cray crays are out tonite. Happens mire mon thru wed lol

Posted by The first shocked
mins ago
He is there for me now and I must go. Hope I have helped you all in some way as I have tried

Posted by The first shocked
mins ago
Please ask no more questions of me. I am very tired and it is very late. I only just heard of this site and I came to defend my friend and the friend of my friend. It is not right what the ex is doing as you all can see with your own eyes

Posted by The first shocked
mins ago
His ex is waiting and watching and I truely fear that possibility. It is necessary to speak in low tones when near him as friends will do at times.

Posted by The first shocked
mins ago
She is or is not his friend yet Im saying I wont betray what is truth and what is not. Now I must sleep please

Posted by The first shocked
mins ago
Im truely exhausted now. Please let me be

Posted by the first shocked
mins ago
My Lord lol
I never said I wasn't his friend. If I did it was a typo cause I'm falling asleep
the ex was spying
I'm defending
huge difference
he trusts me and will know I'm not doing this to harm him
I won't talk about kc because it's not my place other than what I know that you already know
he is my friend I won't share secrets end of story
I do keep coming back but I explained why
good night xox

Posted by The first shocked
mins ago
I must rest. My friend shannon has many plans in the morning. Hope i dont give much away as did his ex

Posted by notsosugarspice
mins ago
regardless whether or not there's truth to what's been said, it's so obvious that there are two people posting with the same name (shocked). smh at people who can't see that.

Posted by Lol
mins ago
What a crock. You ppl are so gu..lible its just hilarious

Posted by the first shocked
mins ago
Because I was trying to be nice but now feel I have something to prove and I don't. But I'm the type of person who wants others to know I'm genuine and i need to stop that. I've been tired since 7 with the long day I had. Not a crime.
I just hope if others know things and know him they won't share because that's so so wrong. He deserves thebest because he's been there for me when I really needed it and I'd like to think his friends know he deserves to betreated well and with respect.
Truly exhausted now.
Sorry for the drama.

Posted by To the first shocked
mins ago
There's no drama, you are the one who keeps going back and forth with what you say. So now you're saying the arent and never were friends? But you JUST said the least they are are friends!! Back and forth!

Posted by Genuine friend huh
mins ago
Well seeing as you claim Shannon wasn't happy that his ex came in here and talked, what makes you think hes gonna be cool for his friend (you) to come in here and talk?!

Posted by To the first shocked
mins ago
True 11 is almost very late, but you said you were going to sleep and it was only 9:30!! You are the one who keeps coming back here.

Posted by the first shocked
mins ago
I'm an actual genuine friend of his and I'm going totell him I came on here and he'll understand because I didn't share anything personal.
almost 11 is late for this who have a job
I can't handle the drama no wonder he avoids all the stuff like the plague

Posted by Not real
hr ago
This new "Shocked" is NOT the original Shocked! Don't be fooled. But I still don't know if I believe what the original Shocked has said. They dont really make sense.

Posted by notsosugarspice
hr ago
I can tell the differences between the two people posting as Shocked.

Posted by North78
hr ago
Guys, no matter what people claim, that they are his or her friends or co-workers or what.ever, we have NO proof that they´re telling the truth.

They could very well be your next door neighbor, just making stuff up as they go along!!!

Posted by To shocked
hr ago
That doesn't even make sense, people who date each other are also friends!! Why would you date someone whom you don't concider a friend? That would mean you dont get along!! So they would have to be friends

Posted by To Shocked
hr ago
Lol what?? You just said that they are at least friends!! See this is why I dont believe your stories. You keep going back and forth with what you say!!

Posted by Shocked
hr ago
They are not and never were friends.

Posted by To Up to her
hr ago
Thats true, as long as she hangs around him this is far from over.

Posted by Omg
hr ago
So funny how a random poster call herself shocked, gves a bunch of talking in circles posts, answers herself as other posters who believe shannon and person are friends. Lol this site is total!

Posted by Up to her
hr ago
I can tell Shannon is a pushover when it comes to women in his life. So basically its gonna be up to KC to be finally over him, and it will happen just like it happened with all the other women he once dated. She just needs to meet the right guy who will get her mind off Shan. She'll eventually get tired of Shannon just like the other chicks did.

Posted by To shocked
hrs ago
Has Shannon ever revered to KC as his gf? A simple yes or no would be great.

Posted by No
hrs ago
Him having that woman in his life, even as just a friend, does not sit well with me. She's gonna do all in her power to get him back and he's so weak eventually he'll take her back and this whole mess can start all over again.

Posted by Alright
hrs ago
I'm cool with KC and Shannon being friends, but that's not what KC is saying they are and that's whats annoying.

Posted by shocked
hrs ago
I see stuff after I post maybe I shouldn't write so much
I didn't say anything that others couldn't say or anything too personal
He is good to his friends and doesn't listen to gossip unless it hurts his friends. So the geotagging wouldn't bother him unless he had a different jealous girlfriend to complain but friends like her are allowed to say they know him and spend time with him. He is trying to be drama free lately though so maybe that in particular bothered him if there's more to go along with it...
he has to pick his battles with everyone wanting a piece of him.
he keeps much of his life secret from the media and does it well.Better than you would think.

Posted by Sorry
hrs ago
I don't believe ANYTHING that Shocked is saying! They are going back and forth on what they say about KC. First they said

"I will say something to kirstina if I feel shes doing all you say but I don't see it from what he says and what I see." What exactly does this person see if she doesn't follow KC on her social sites?

"...I'll watch her more if she's really doing what you are saying." Not even sure what this means.

"I knew he was going to break up with her before he did when she posted that dig about his height but I don't follow her social media." Um how could this person know Shannon was going to break up with KC before he did?? Also this person MUST follow KC on her IG because she knows about that IG post about his height and them just randomly putting it in there that they don't follow her social media is obvious that they do follow her. This person is lying and if they agent then Shannon will be pis.see with them for coming on here!!

Posted by Ok
hrs ago
I would love to believe this Shocked person but they didn't really give us any answers that make it sound like they truly know Shannon. The fact they're going to be now means they must not live in LA because its only 9:35pm here. I guess its nice to hear that Shannon and KC are at least just friends, from what Shocked said, but I don't know if I believe it. The fact that Shannon wasn't happy that his ex supposedly came here means he isn't going tk be to happy that Shocked came in here and told js about his ex. If he was able to figure that his ex came here, then he'll be able to figure out who exactly Shocked is.

Posted by shocked
hrs ago
The other shocked wasnt me. Didn't even know there was another one. Didn't read that much
I'm going to bed now though. Hope I answered what i could. And I wouldn't ever write anything like that other shockeds quote because that's horrible whether true or not. I do respect his privacy because he deserves it. Sorry to have started anything I just really was surprised that this all exists.
My advice would be not to give attention to someone you believe is seeking it. Let it fade away if that's what is meant to happen or is seeming to happen. Nite all

Posted by Hello Shocked
hrs ago
What exactly do you mean by "He's too good and too real and serious"?

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First Name
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Full Name at Birth
Shannon Carl Bryant
Other Names
Date of Birth
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Glyph Tattoos On Wrist And Neck, Half Sleeve Tattoo, map of world in between shoulder blades
Star Sign
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Musician, Artist, Photographer, Occassional Actor
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Drummer for 30 Seconds to Mars
Alternative rock
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2002 (Debut Album)–present
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Black Fuel Coffee Co.
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Tony Bryant/ Devour (Biological Father)
Carl Leto (Adoptive Father)
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Ruby Russell (Grandmother)
William Lee Metrejon (Grandfather)
Associated People
Antoine Becks (Musician)
Damien Hirst (Artist)
Bob Ezrin (Music Producer)
Brian Virtue (Music Producer)
Favorite People
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The Alchemist
Favorite Places
South Africa
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Sleeveless Shirts


Shannon Leto (lɛt; born March 9, 1970) is an American musician and songwriter who gained worldwide fame as the drummer for Thirty Seconds to Mars. He co-founded the band in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, with his younger brother Jared. Their debut album, 30 Seconds to Mars (2002), was released to positive reviews but only to limited success. The band achieved worldwide fame with the release of their second album A Beautiful Lie (2005). Their following releases, This Is War (2009) and Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams (2013), received further critical and commercial success. As of September 2014, the band has sold over 15 million albums worldwide.

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