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Historical look at Mick Jagger relationships, listed in date order.
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Edie Sedgwick
Edie Sedgwick and Mick Jagger unknown date
Sienna stars with Guy Pierce, who plays Warhol, and Hayden Christensen who plays Sedgwick's fictional lover Billy Quinn - allegedly an amalgamation of three distinctly different personalities based on Sedgwick's paramours: Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger. Edie Sedgwick overdosed on ... [more]
Maryam d'Abo
Maryam D'Abo and Mick Jagger unknown date RUMOR
Devin DeVasquez
Mick Jagger and Devin DeVasquez unknown date RUMOR
Lori Maddox
Lori Maddox and Mick Jagger unknown date RUMOR
Mary Badham
Mick Jagger and Mary Badham unknown date RUMOR
Jann Wenner
Mick Jagger and Jann Wenner unknown date RUMOR
Estelle Bennett
Estelle Bennett and Mick Jagger unknown date
Bennett had dated people like Mick Jagger, George Harrison, Johnny Mathis and George Hamilton, decades ago. "She was quiet," said Ross. "She was not pretentious at all, but she carried herself with a sophistication that a lot of guys thought was really sexy. And she had a very, very good ... [more]
Pat Cleveland
Pat Cleveland and Mick Jagger unknown date
In the book Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, Pat Cleveland affirms this relationship. [more]
Claudia Lennear
Mick Jagger and Claudia Lennear unknown date
WHEN backing vocalist Claudia, 63, dated Mick Jagger, she inspired one of the Rolling Stones’ greatest rock anthems, as she tells Pauline McLeod. [more]
Apollonia van Ravenstein
Apollonia van Ravenstein and Mick Jagger unknown date
Apollonia van Ravenstein is a Dutch actress and model. She became best known for her part of Yolanda Kruisman in the first 'Flodder' movie. Apollonia was more succesful as a model. In the seventies and eighties she was contracted by Norman, Parkinson Richard Avedon and Irving Penn. In 1972 A ... [more]
Peggy Trentini
Peggy Trentini and Mick Jagger unknown date
Peggy Trentini, author of Once Upon a Star, discusses her book, her journey as a writer, and self-publishing on Kindle. DAVID WISEHART: What can you tell us about Once Upon a Star? PEGGY TRENTINI: It's a story based on my life as a model/actress in Hollywood. It is a true autobiography that details ... [more]
Chris O'Dell
Chris O'Dell and Mick Jagger unknown date
Alycen Rowse
Alycen Rowse and Mick Jagger unknown date RUMOR
Twinkle and Mick Jagger unknown date
Male pop stars fought to go out with her. She was linked to Beatle George Harrison, Eric Burdon of the Animals, and Rolling Stone Brian Jones. During a Stones tour, Mick Jagger ordered Jones to hand over his girl. 'Brian said he thought that was up to me to decide,' Twinkle recalled, 'and ... [more]
Grace Coddington
Grace Coddington and Mick Jagger unknown date RUMOR
Coddington says in her memoirs that Mick and assorted other members of the swingin sixties set lived near her flat, and once when Jagger was over she and he began "making out". Just when "it began getting interesting" her casual boyfriend Albert called, who she thought she might have ... [more]
Vanessa Carbone
Vanessa Carbone and Mick Jagger unknown date
The Man City ace is said to have enjoyed trysts with sexy Vanessa Carbone behind his wife’s back, following them up with an affair with model Mariana Paesani. Argentine model Vanessa, who once seduced Mick Jagger, 66, during a Rolling Stones stopover in Buenos Aires, is said to have met the 2 ... [more]
Farrah Fawcett
Mick Jagger and Farrah Fawcett unknown date
Jacqueline Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy and Mick Jagger unknown date RUMOR
Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour and Mick Jagger unknown date RUMOR
Michelle Phillips
Michelle Phillips and Mick Jagger unknown date RUMOR
Minnie Driver
Minnie Driver and Mick Jagger unknown date RUMOR
David Bowie
David Bowie and Mick Jagger unknown date RUMOR
Never dated. [more]
Helmut Berger
Helmut Berger and Mick Jagger unknown date RUMOR
Cleo Sylvestre
Cleo Sylvestre and Mick Jagger January 1961 - June 1962
One of Jagger's first conquests, actress Cleo Sylvestre was only 16 when she and Jagger began dating. Jagger at one point proposed, but he ultimately dumped Sylvestre because, as the story goes, she wouldn't sleep with him. So why'd he propose in the first place? [more]
Chrissie Shrimpton
Mick Jagger and Chrissie Shrimpton January 1963 - June 1966
Shrimpton was Jagger`s first model relationship. The pair lasted three years together and it didn`t end well. The songs `Under My Thumb` and `Stupid Girl` said to be based on their relationship. [more]
Linda McCartney
Linda McCartney and Mick Jagger 1966 - 1968
Marianne Faithfull
Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull August 1966 - 1970
In 1965 Faithfull fled from the home she had shared with Dunbar and took their son to stay with Brian Jones and Anita Pallenberg in London. During that time period, Faithfull started using marijuana and became best friends with Pallenberg. She also began a much publicized relationship with Mick Jagger ... [more]
Pamela Des Barres
Pamela Des Barres and Mick Jagger January 1967
Anita Pallenberg
Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg 1968
was rumored to have an affair with Mick during production of "Performance" Production Dates January 1968 - August 1968 [more]
Uschi Obermaier
Uschi Obermaier and Mick Jagger 1969 - 1970
Devon Wilson
Devon Wilson and Mick Jagger November 1969
Marsha A. Hunt
Mick Jagger and Marsha Hunt December 1969 - November 1970
Hunt is the mother of Mick Jagger`s first child, Karis Jagger, who was born on November 4, 1970 in London. Marsha Hunt is the inspiration of the Stones` hit "Brown Sugar". At the time a member of the cast in the London production of the musical Hair (playing "Dionne"), Hunt reportedly ... [more]
Patti D'Arbanville
Mick Jagger and Patti D'Arbanville January 1970
Patti D`Arbanville Jagger started dating the then 19-year-old New York actress and model in 1970. [more]
Bianca Jagger
Bianca Jagger and Mick Jagger May 1970 - November 1979
(12 May 1971 - 2 November 1979) (divorced) 1 child She met Mick Jagger at a party after a Rolling Stones concert where he reportedly impressed her with his French. On May 12, 1971, while she was four months pregnant, the couple married in a Roman Catholic ceremony in Saint Tropez, France, and she became ... [more]
Nathalie Delon
Mick Jagger and Nathalie Delon 1971 RUMOR
Nathalie Delon Jagger is alleged to have successfully wooed the Moroccan actress, then 30, back in 1971. [more]
Carly Simon
Carly Simon and Mick Jagger January 1972
Bebe Buell
Bebe Buell and Mick Jagger 1974 - 1976
Slept with: Mick Jagger [more]
Linda Ronstadt
Mick Jagger and Linda Ronstadt 1977 - 1978
Her name has been linked with Mick Jagger, comedian Bill Murray and Chip Carter, the President's son. When Jagger breezed through L.A., he called and asked her to meet him in Mexico. "That's the sort of thing I couldn't do if I was married to Jerry," she mused. [more]
Jerry Hall
Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger January 1977 - August 1999
(21 November 1990 - 13 August 1999) (annulled) 4 children What did they see in each other? Jagger and Hall came together under unusual circumstances, well unusual anywhere outside of the `70s music scene. Hall was engaged to Roxy Music lead singer Brian Ferry and Jagger was married to his wife Bianca ... [more]
Catherine Guinness
Catherine Guinness and Mick Jagger January 1979
Monique Pardo
Monique Pardo and Mick Jagger 1981 RUMOR
Janice Dickinson
Janice Dickinson and Mick Jagger July 1981 - April 1982
Dickinson claims Jagger is `the best of the best of lovers` and that when they got together their "mouths were like two oversized electrical hook-ups, made for each other." Hardly a romantic image but a firm recommendation nonetheless. [more]
Valerie Perrine
Valerie Perrine and Mick Jagger 1982
Seen together at NYC club Xenon amid affair rumors in 1982... [more]
Cornelia Guest
Cornelia Guest and Mick Jagger January 1982
Tina Turner
Mick Jagger and Tina Turner 1985
Tina Turner It`s claimed the rockers got together after Live Aid in 1985. [more]
Daryl Hannah
Mick Jagger and Daryl Hannah 1987
Daryl Hannah The actress was linked with Mick after the couple left a New York club together back in 1987. [more]
Peta Wilson
Mick Jagger and Peta Wilson 1990
Peta Wilson The Australian model was briefly linked to Jagger in 1990, the same year he married Jerry Hall. [more]
Christina Haack
Mick Jagger and Christina Haack 1990
Mick Jagger Denies Claim He Dated German Model June 9, 1990 Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger denied on Friday that he was romantically involved with a blond German model. He said she was just trying to capitalize on meeting him. Christina Haack, 24, told reporters she dated Jagger for three days ... [more]
Lisa Barbuscia
Mick Jagger and Lisa Barbuscia 1991
Met when he chose her to appear as his dream girl in "Sex Drive video". [more]
Carla Bruni
Carla Bruni and Mick Jagger 1991 - October 1994
Carla Bruni and Mick Jagger had an on/off affair when she was in her 20s, and his wife Jerry Hall claimed their romance was a reason for her separation from Mick. [more]
Kathy Latham
Mick Jagger and Kathy Latham 1992
Model Kathy was spotted looking cosy with Jagger at a Los Angeles restaurant back in 1992 [more]
Jana Rajlich
Jana Rajlich and Mick Jagger 1996
Another model, Jana Rajlich, said he bit her all over during a torrid liaison. [more]
Angelina Jolie
Mick Jagger and Angelina Jolie 1997 - 1999 RUMOR
For a while, the marriage seemed to thrive, with Jerry becoming pregnant in 1997 with her fourth child. Then Jagger flew to New York to film the video for the Stones song Anybody Seen My Baby? His attention was immediately caught by a lushly beautiful unknown who’d been hired to play a stripper ... [more]
Claire Verity
Claire Verity and Mick Jagger 1998 RUMOR
Luciana Gimenez
Mick Jagger and Luciana Morad March 1998
This Brazilian model unintentionally did her part to ensure the survival of the Jagger gene-pool when she became pregnant to the rock star. In 1999 she gave birth to Lucas, who though brought into this world by a failure of contraceptive technology, was made Jagger`s son thanks to DNA testing. [more]
Vanessa Neumann
Mick Jagger and Vanessa Neumann December 1998 - February 2002
JAGGER ROMANCE ENDS: Mick Jagger, 55, has reportedly ended his affair with voluptuous 27-year-old Venezuelan heiress Vanessa Neumann, reveals New York's Daily News, citing British papers. Vanessa, says the News, slipped up by blabbing to the press about her fling with the Rolling Stone. Neumann ... [more]
Ortensia Visconti
Mick Jagger and Ortensia Visconti 2000
ITALIAN DOLL IS MICK'S NEW BABY BY George Rush , Joanna Molloy , K. C. , Baker / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS / Monday, March 20, 2000, 12:00 AM Mick Jagger may be locked in a paternity battle with Brazilian model Luciana Morad, but that hasn't stopped him from traveling with another ... [more]
Sophie Dahl
Mick Jagger and Sophie Dahl August 2000 - July 2001
Lasting relationships often come down to luck — that odd combination of chemistry and compatibility. While Jagger found no golden ticket with Dahl, the pair have remained good friends since their split. [more]
L'Wren Scott
Mick Jagger and L'Wren Scott 2001 - March 2014
Despite their difference in height (she's 6'4", he's 5'10"), Mick Jagger and L'Wren Scott have been together since 2001, when they met while working together on a photo shoot. He was in a relationship with fashion designer L'Wren Scott from 2001 up to her death in 2014 ... [more]
Caroline Maria Winberg
Caroline Winberg and Mick Jagger 2002 RUMOR
MICK JAGGER today took the unusual step of denying a 17-year-old Swedish model's claims he was pestering her. The 59-year-old has decided to start hitting back when he feels the claims risk hurting his family. Jagger is accused in a national newspaper of bothering Swedish model Caroline Winberg ... [more]
Nia Long
Nia Long and Mick Jagger October 2004
Luli Fernández
Luli Fernandez and Mick Jagger April 2006 RUMOR
Melanie Hamrick (dancer)
Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick (dancer) June 2014
MICK Jagger met ballerina Melanie Hamrick three weeks before girlfriend L'Wren Scott's suicide. The Rolling Stones legend first met the dancer in Tokyo, Japan, back in February. According to a report by The Sun on Sunday, the 70-year-old rocker never became intimate with Melanie because "he ... [more]
Masha Rudenko
Mick Jagger and Masha Rudenko 2015
The 72-year-old Rolling Stones rocker, who is on tour with his iconic group, has been secretly seeing 26-year-old Slavic model Masha Rudenko now that he’s not always under the watchful eye of his girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, 28. “Mick is in love again,” a band insider told The National ... [more]

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